Protagonist Edit

Pvt. Martin RiggsEdit

  • Pvt Martin Riggs (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) an Irish-American Military Soldier who is immature and is a Former Safety inspector at the military, Former Fisherman, Brewery Shipping Center, Leader of the Riggs Crime Family And he is the main protagonist of the series.

Antagonists, Deuteragonists, Main Characters, Major Characters, Primarly Characters, Intermediate Characters, Tritagonists and Former Characters.Edit

Edith RiggsEdit

  • Eidth Riggs (voiced by Alex Borstein) is the mother of Pvt. Martin Riggs, member of the Riggs Crime Family who breaks a rule, by doing right's wrong and she is the main antagonist of the series.

Jade RiggsEdit

  • Jade Riggs (voiced by Lacey Chabert in Season 2, Mila Kunis since Season 2) is the 18 year old daughter of Pvt. Martin Riggs and she is a student and she is the secondary character and main deuteragonist.

Nicholas RiggsEdit

  • Nicholas Riggs (voiced by Seth Green) is Pvt. Martin Riggs and middle child. He is talking about films and remembering them and he is the main character.

Bert Riggs Edit

  • Bert Riggs (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) is Pvt. Martin Rigg's 1-year-old but often does criminal activites and becomes a member of the Waste Management, Riggs Crime Family Member and he is the secondary antagonist.

Simon RiggsEdit

  • Simon Riggs (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) is an anthropomorphic dog, best friend of Bert and Martin and he is the tertiary antagonist and main tritagonist of the series.

Francis RiggsEdit

  • Francis Riggs (Charles Durning) is Martin's grumpy and stubborn adoptive father and he is an enforcer of the Riggs Crime Family, Brewery Manager and he is the quaternary antagonist.

Ray SupremoEdit

  • Ray Supremo (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) - Martin's biological father who is working as a lawyer to help himself work through the day and get everything down correct and he is the major character.

Elizabeta RiggsEdit

  • Elizabeta Riggs (voiced by Florence Stanley in the first appearance, Phyllis Diller in the later appearances) she is the Ex-wife to Francis Riggs and she may be writing reports and she is the Primarly Character.

Liz RiggsEdit

  • Liz Riggs (voiced by Kate McKinnon) Martin's older sister who first appears in Martin's Sisters. She is the paternal aunt of Jade, Nicholas and Bert and sister-in-law of Edith. She is a proffesional wrestler and abusive lady and she is the member of the Riggs Crime Family and she is a serial killer and she is the quinary antagonist.

Kurt StalloneEdit

  • Kurt Stallone (voiced by Seth MacFarlane), A friend of Edith Riggs, Owner of the Stallone Industries, Tormenter and he is a member of the Stallone Industries Gang and he is the senary antagonist.

Jennifer StalloneEdit

  • Jennifer Stallone (voiced by Alex Borstein) - Kurt's Wife and the mother in law who helps get the things down and gives Edith some time and then they think together and she is the Primarly Character.

Bridget StalloneEdit

  • Bridget Stallone (voiced by Carol Kane in the first appearance, Julie Hagerty in later apearances) - Edith's younger sister and the aunt of Jade and she gives the task to prevent things that are bad to help her children and she is the Intermediate Character.

James StalloneEdit

  • James Stallone (voiced by Robert Downey Jr. in the first appearance, Oliver Vaquer in the second appearance) - the older brother and he is a kidnapper and he is the leader of the kidnappers and he is the major antagonist.

Jude Edit

  • Jude (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) - Simon's stereotypical homosexual cousin and he is a member of the Rhode Island Gangsters and he is the Primarly Antagonist.

Bobby SmithEdit

  • Bobby Smith (voiced by Seth Green) - Simon's human son and he is a broadcaster and he is the intermediate character.

Jeff ConwayEdit

  • Jeff Conway (voiced by Mike Henry) - An elderly pederast often who is a crippled king and he is a gang soldier of the Assassins and he is the intermediate antagonist.

Nick TurturroEdit

  • Nick Turturro (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) - The Riggs Next Door single sex-addicted neighbor, and a airline pilot for Rhode Island Airlines and he is the former antagonist.

Crystal TurturroEdit

  • Crystal Turturro (voiced by Alex Borstein in 1 episode, Allison Janney in the next) - The mother of Nick Turturro and she is a former character.

Robert TurturroEdit

  • Robert Turturro and Dan (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) - The 2 fathers of Nick Turturro and who is a hero at everything to analyze and he is a tertiary character.

Reva TurturroEdit

  • Reva Quagmire (voiced by Nana Visitor) - The sister of Nick Turturro who help together and he is a secondary deuteragonist.

Mikhail BrownEdit

  • Mikhail Brown (voiced by Mike Henry) - Martin's mild-mannered friend who formerly owned and ran a deli and he is a hitman and he is a member of the Hitman and he is the primarly antagonist.

Amber BrownEdit

  • Amber Brown (voiced by Alex Borstien) is Mikhail's late-ex-wife and she is helping and she is the major character.

Christian Brown Jr.Edit

  • Christian Brown Jr. (voiced by Mike Henry in earlier appearances, Kevin Michael Richardson in Army Men 2: The Series and later appearances) - The son of Mikhail Brown Jr. who is social for any reason and he is the primarly character.