Plastrification is a devastating & painful syndrome. If a plastic soldier spends too much time in the real world, they will turn into a toy soldier, unable to move or speak. Bridgette Bleu created a serum that reverses the effect. General Plastro had suffered from Plastrification in Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2. However, with Bleu's syrum, he was cured. If not acted on immediately, the effects may become permanent.


  • It is worth noting that Plastrification is featured in Army Men: Sarge's Heroes in the form of Green soldiers in the Real World having a plastic base, but it is not yet given a proper name.
  • Plastrification while seemingly a prevalent theme in Sarge's Heroes 2, is completely ignored in AM: RTS, as units are seen moving, fighting, and even being created in the Real World with no hindrance whatsoever. This was most likely done for gameplay purposes or an oversight on 3DO's part.

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