Arm Men Tank

The Tanks serve as the main armored cavalry in the Army Men series. Their performances, and AI, varies throughout the game too.

They are armed with a main cannon and are very tough but usually take a 4-5 Bazooka hits to take down.

Appearences Edit

Army Men Sarge's Heroes Edit

Tanks appear as both as an Enemy and the only drivable vehicle in some sections, within the game. Their cannon can make short work of enemy infantry but those armed with Explosive weapons should be prioritised. Even enemy tanks are a threat to your own.

Enemy Tanks, mainly the Tan ones, are quite accurate; If Sarge is not moving they can be near-lethal from a direct hit. They have limited AI though and will travel on a set path and only to chase you down for a while before returning to their route. Approach is ill advised as they will try and run over Sarge, which will result in an instant kill.

Army Men - Air Attack Edit

Tanks make an appearence as regular enemies, most notably in Blue, Tan and Green. Their shots are easy to avoid but do great deal of damage if they hit. They will try and lead their shots however so try and adjust your movements accordingly.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being an espionage-focused nation, Blue tanks do make an appearence, as drivable vehicles.
  • In one of the multiplayer maps, a Tan Tank make an appearence. It is drivable to the Tan player but can attack and try run over the green player by itself, should he/she approach it. Making it relatively unbalanced gameplay.