Tempest Troopers are enemys in Army Men: Major Malfunction, They also only appear in that game. They are robotic in appearance and come in different ranks and armed with different weapons. They are the first enemy to fight in then game.

They have a voice enhancer covering their mouth and they are covered in armour so that nobody can see what they look like. They also have red eyes.


Tempest trooper ranks.
The normal tempest trooper is white in colour and carries a slow to reload powerful pulse rifle.
The red tempest trooper is obviously red in appearance and carries a powerful fire lazer.
The undead trooper is blue/green in appearanceand is exactly like the normal tempest trooper, but the undead tempest trooper comes back to life after being killed the only way to fully disable them is a drop of a realy tall object.
The elite tempest trooper is the highest rank of the tempest troopers and has a machine gun to replace on of his missing arms. They are extemely powerful and pack a lot of punch.
The tempest turret is a big orange mortar firing turret. It is controlled by a normal tempest trooper and its only weakness is its' back cog.

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