Titles Thick
Nation Plastic World
Age Unknown
Status Deceased (Explosion)
Race Plastic Soldier
Role Heavy Weapons Specialist
Affiliation Green Army
Weapons M60 Machine Gun
As thick is a brick. Thick is the heavy weapons specialist of Bravo Company. Armed with a powerful M60, Thick can lay down as much fire as he can take which usually marks him as the brute of the company.

His tough hide unwittingly has taken a toll on his mental capacity as his mind is also just as thick as well but his loyalty to his leader won't chewed up as much as his enemies would be.

Appearences Edit

Army Men: RTS Edit

Thick is a Unique Machine Gunner Unit for the Green Army. He, like the other Hero Units, is highly resistant to most forms of damage. He, like he mass-produced counterpart, is effective at engaging Infantry. Unsually, most gamers have said he usually dies first if he's not payed attention on. This is because in Army Men: RTS, Thick has short attack range, forcing him to go to the front and soaking up damage even though Thick has less Health than Sgt. Hawk, Scorch, and even Vikki .